Laybuy, after pay etc.

We don't have Afterpay, Laybuy or any of the buy now pay later systems integrated into our store, here's a few reasons why:

We want to encourage more intentional decisions about the kākahu we consume, to think about its whakapapa and how we connect to it, rather than making impulse purchases with little thought of where the clothing comes from, what it represents and what we'll do with it once we don't want to wear it anymore..

We're trying to bring awareness to the environmental, social and financial impacts of our decisions and we've agreed that Afterpay, Laybuy etc. don't align or tautoko this vision. 

We'll have a new design each month, as part of the Āio Connection Project to showcase and give back to kaupapa already up and running in various communities around Aotearoa. These designs will only be available for the month they're showcased and we understand that's a quick turn around, so if you wanted a particular product, let us know and we can put it aside for you if you want to save up or set something up for old school style lay-by.

The "After-thought" of what impact our decisions have is hurting our taiao and we think slowing things down a little and making more intentional decisions not just with clothing but in all areas of our lives will help restore āio (balance, peace and harmony).