How Does It Work?

Our main operation is to develop a blend of material comprised of 100% recycled clothing. To promote this kaupapa, we've set up an initiative called the Āio Connection Project.

WVEN. - 100% recycled clothing.

We decided on 'WVEN.' as the name of our blend as a play on the word 'woven'. A metaphor, not only for the literal product of many different materials woven together, but to represent how those materials came together in the first place.

An acknowledgment of the people, the stories, the whakapapa woven together to create something new.

Here's a basic rundown:

  1. Collect and sort clothing
  2. Feed into the machines to break down*
  3. Material fragments spun into yarn
  4. 100% recycled yarn blend made into new clothing.

*materials unable to be processed for clothing will be processed into other products.

Āio Connection Project.

While the WVEN. blend is being developed, we're working with kaupapa in various communities to develop meaningful, beautiful designs to be printed onto GOTS certified, 100% organic rain-fed cotton kakahu.

Each month, we will showcase one kaupapa/cause and their design for our kakahu through social media and other platforms.  At the end of each month, profits will be collated and a percentage will go towards a cause (chosen by the individual/kaupapa), as well kaupapa supported by Āio Clothing.