Why Āio?

Āio clothing has been set up to give back to the environment, it's people and pave the way for the future by lessening how much textile waste ends up in landfill, engaging the community and by creating high quality, sustainable, ethical products.

What if there was a way to intercept clothes and textiles before they ended up in landfill? What if after we were finished with our clothes, they could be given new life and never have to add to the waste piling up in landfill? We're putting a machine set up together to process them and other textiles down, into fibre that will produce material, then use that blend to make new clothes.  

Repurposing and recycling the old, to make something new. Simple as that.

The textile (waste) industry affects our world in so many ways, from the environmental impact: textile waste, carbon emissions, resources needed to process raw materials to the social impact: fast fashion, consumerism conditions us to buy more and more even if we don't need whatever's being sold to us.

The vision is in the name and the focus is simple. Be good kaitiaki, make exceptional kākahu, and share it with everyone. 

Hana & Jess

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