The Āio Connection Project

To promote this campaign, the kaupapa and while the blend is being developed, we’re sourcing GOTS certified, 100% organic rain-fed cotton kākahu and working with individuals and groups around Aotearoa to create meaningful designs that promote amazing kaupapa already happening in our communities.

The break down of the Āio Connection Project looks like this.

One group and their kaupapa/cause will be showcased each month and their design will be printed onto t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and other garments that will be for sale as an exclusive run for that month only.

Over the course of that month we will create content to educate, engage and empower people to take positive action for the environment, for their community and for themselves which will be distributed as far and as wide as possible! On various social media and traditional media outlets.

At the end of each month, profits will be collated and a portion will be donated to a cause of their choice, in addition to other contributions to be made through this kaupapa.

Funds from this initiative will also go towards the research and development of the technology to break materials down and create a new blend of fibre. It is our hope that one day we are able to feed these exclusive 'one a month' garments back into the machine to produce new kākahu. 

 Hana & Jess

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